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One of the causes for motor failure is not only an incorrect motor installed, but also inappropriate pulley sizing on the drive motor and/or the machine`s driven load. This can cause motor failure, overheating, and possible fire or cause the machine to not operate correctly and cause subsequent damage to itself or operators.

It is always good know you have the proper pulley or motor installed in your machine and our knowledgeable staff is ready to help you. We are a dealer for Maska Pulleys which offers a full line of pulleys, gears, couplers and sprockets.

The following formulas can help you calculate proper pulley sizes for your application.
MotorRPM x MotorPulleyDiameter = DrivenRPM x DrivenPulleyDiameter

Find Motor RPM
MotorRPM = DrivenRPM x DrivenPulleyDiameter

Find Motor Pulley Diameter
MotorPulleyDiameter= DrivenRPM x DrivenPulleyDiameter

Find Drive RPM
DrivenRPM = MotorRPM x MotorPulleyDiameter

Find Drive Pulley Diameter
DrivenPulleyDiameter = MotorRPM x MotorPulleyDiameter

Disclaimer: Formulas are provided as a reference for calculating desired Pulley size and/or RPM of ether drive motor or load output. Based on a constant torque load and not in applications such as moving air or liquids where the torque load changes with changes in RPM. The only accurate way to know if the pulleys are correct for the application and not overloading the motor is to test the motor for full load amps.
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